Choosing a Contractor

 Choosing a Contractor can be a very difficult decision. There is a lot of planning and foresight into the end result, that you will be trusting someone to do for you. You will have a vision of what you are expecting and you will have to relay that information to your contractor. I highly recommend you choose someone that you can easily get along with. You will be working with them on a daily basis so you want to choose somebody you can easily communicate with and choose experience rather than price.  

 You get what you pay for is a simple saying that is exactly true. The worst part of the contracting business is the belief that the only way for general contractors to make a living is to save it by putting inferior products into your house. By working together, with a budget on an open book, you will know exactly what you are getting and what you are paying for. The open book policy is a simple way for you, the home owner, to not feel like you are getting taken advantage of. Trusting your general contractor is a vital part of the relationship between a contractor and you the home owner. 

In my mind there are 3 types of General Contractors - 

1. The Brief Case Builder
2. The On-Site Builder
3. The Hard Working Carpenter that is on site all day with a tool belt on and having support in the office when needed

Make sure you know what you are getting when choosing a contractor. Be up Front with your contractor and ask him how he operates and why he chooses to operate that way. A lot of builders are good at what they do, but are they what you are expecting?

I am a big fan of the #3 Builder. You will meet your contractor at his office for the first time and you might expect to see him every day while he is building your house. But will you be OK without ever really seeing him working at your house? Working hard on site is a big focus of mine. I actually do not like the term we are referred to as "contractors". A carpenter is who will be building your house and that is who you will have to put a lot of trust into. 

So choose wisely and when you have a question or two about building, please let me know, and I will be glad to see if I can fit your needs.

Ryan P Hyer