Energy Efficient Construction

Know what to expect

Think about this one.... Build with Hyer and you will know what your monthly uility bills will cost before we even begin building your home.....

Yes I just wrote that! Hopefully you are taking the time to read this and you just thought twice about what you just read. Imagine knowing what you will have to pay for your utility usage. This now means that you can adjust your mortgage and find out exactly what you can budget while you build. I am rather excited about this and hopefully you are too.

There are many aspects that must come together when building your new home. The permanent structure is where it all begins and is a large focus of our builds.  The overall design and investment that is put into the initial structure of your home will reap benefits and cost savings far into the future.  This is why our focus begins with a high performance structure that is designed to reduce overall energy bills and maintenance costs while increasing the comfort and resale value. One of the major components we advocate for is the use of ICF block and other building components that go into the initial design in order to increase the overall efficiency of your home after you move in.  

We offer solutions

We offer you energy analysis up front along with the most efficient building method and materials, such as ICF block, high efficiency windows and heating and cooling options that will maximize energy efficiency.  We have done the research for you on these materials and methods in order to help you during your decision making processes.  We sit down together and lay out all the options for you and answer your questions.  When we couple these materials with methods that focus on energy during the design phase of your build we can provide you a home that is comfortable, durable, and in the long run more affordable to live in. We understand everyone has a budget and we are here to work with you in order to see what options are best for you.  Our costs are fully disclosed and our contracting rates are always presented up front without any hidden mark ups on our subcontractor bids or materials.  We are not just here to build you a home but also to help general contract on your behalf in order to provide you the best possible home for your money.  As a client your best interest is always the focus through out the building process.

During the initial design phase of your new home you will receive some valuable information. You will have a packet of information pertaining to the energy usage of your home. It will show you where every nickel of your utility bill is being spent on. We will diagnose your brand new blue prints and figure out if we want to take further steps. We will look into hybrid heat pumps, passive solar, and lots of other avenues. Every home is unique and fits on the property differently and this all has to be figured in. On some occasions geo thermal and solar systems make sense and other times they do not. We will do the math and figure out what is necessary and you can decide which options to take. Is geo thermal going to save you money, or cost you more money than you put into it? Let us show you the smart spend options before just assuming what could be the wrong answer. With the ICF structure you will see a lot of savings with out a lot of extra cost. 

I sure do appreciate the letters I receive from our local utility companies. I have received a couple of them now. They state, "We would like to come to your previous job site and look at the meter because your energy usage is way too low and we think there must be a problem. Well guess what They Haven't Found One Yet! That is because of the Structure we build and how we maximize your energy usage. 


ICF stands for insulated concrete forms. These forms are pre-formed hollow blocks consisting of 2 ½" of foam on the outsides, connected by a plastic or vinyl tie. ICF forms stack together much like Legos™, using cogs to accurately stack them. Once the forms are stacked, concrete is poured within the cavity created by the foam outsides, creating a concrete wall. The combination of the foam and concrete creates a high level of insulation and thermal mass improving energy efficiency and reducing exterior sound. We will use these blocks from the footings all the way up to the roof line.